5 Questions to Ask a Potential Tenant

As a landlord, you are essentially trusting your home to complete strangers. Before you send a lease to a new tenant, here are five suggested questions to ask so you can get to know your tenant a little better.  Remember to be very clear about your requirements and a potential tenant’s obligations.

Have You Had a Poor Relationship with a Landlord in the Past?

Asking a question about your tenant’s past can be awkward, but the above question will give you important insight into what your renter is looking for in your business relationship. Steven Taylor Landlord can attest that landlords do make mistakes, so if you want a lasting relationship with your tenant, learn from those who have gone before you.

Why Are You Moving from Your Past Residence?

This question can help you weed out any potential renters who may not have been the most reliable. Asking for references is also a smart and safe idea.

How Would You Prefer to Communicate?

Your tenant may never check their email or their voicemail. Instead of facing the challenges of waiting impatiently for a quick response, find out what method of communication is the most direct to them. After all, you need an answer, so it would be best to communicate in the easiest manner for your renter.

How Long Have You Worked at Your Current Job?

The answer to this question also speaks to a tenant’s reliability (unless they are moving for their new job.) You may also get a clearer picture of their financial situation. It gives you the opportunity to get to know your tenant on a more personal level by discussing their jobs.

Will You Ever Want a Pet?

Pets can cause headaches for any landlord, so it is important to gauge a tenant’s desire for a pet early on, especially if they currently do not own one. Make your pet policy extremely clear.

There are many questions a landlord should ask a tenant, but if you start with the important questions, then you can decide with certainty if you want them living on your property.