Dangers of Tree lopping

Tree surgeons are serious professionals with a dangerous job. We might consider what they do risky, and perhaps that is because they are very careful and usually don’t take unnecessary risks. But make no mistake, their lives are on the line and they usually have only themselves up there, when things start going wrong.

  • Safety Begins with Education: One of the ways tree surgeons lower the risks, is with education. Most tree surgeons have taken numerous courses on forestry and arboriculture. Even to the point of receiving degrees. Knowing what to expect from a tree and understanding how conditions and disease may have weakened a tree gives them a better understanding of the risks they face.
  • On the Job Experience: You can’t learn it all at school though. They don’t have any trees in the classroom. Most Tree surgeons spent their time away from school getting jobs with government, utility companies, and private tree removal services. Building up experience and learning the trade. Professional tree lopping in Perth is available.
  • Trial by Fire: Eventually though, a greenhorn must strap on a harness hook, a chainsaw to their belt and start climbing. Even with abundant safety features, any fall can get you seriously hurt or killed. This is a job where you must calm your nerves and keep your wits. Unexpected branches break, winds pickup suddenly, and chainsaws kick. But often the biggest threat comes after the tree is cut to the point of no return. At that moment you must have faith that you got all the angles worked out. That piece of tree can take out a car or a building. It can kick back and hit you in the face, or it can fall into you and shove you down the tree.
  • Sometimes They Must Take a Risk: Sometimes a tree must be cut, no matter what the risks. After storms, or even after years of neglect, trees can suddenly pose a serious threat to buildings, powerlines, and people. The tree surgeon has lots of big machinery and usually a skilled team to make the job as safe as possible. But every time you climb a tree, there is an element of the unknown. Some jobs can require tremendous risk, but if the tree surgeon can’t do it, no one can. That’s the time they lean hard on experience and just go ahead and get the job done.

It is a job for a fearless few, but the rewards are many.  An exciting job, out in nature with an element of thrill and often pays well too.  And occasionally you get to be a hero too.

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