How To Stay Safe Around A Swimmingpool: A Guide For Kids

If you live in an area with warm summers or you have access to a private pool, chances are that your kids will want to spend plenty of time around the water this summer. But being around water also means there is a greater risk of drowning if precautions aren’t taken.

Whether it’s a swimming pool, community pond, or your backyard kiddie pool, it’s important to know how to stay safe around water—especially when kids are involved. Read on for essential tips and advice on keeping kids safe around swimming pools this summer.

Make Sure Your Child Is Comfortable In The Water Before Going Near A Pool

Before a child steps into any body of water, make sure she has the physical and mental skills to do so. Kids should be able to swim enough strokes and tread water for at least five minutes before venturing near a swimming pool.

Establish Rules And Expectations For How To Stay Safe Around A Pool

The most important thing to do is to establish rules and expectations before kids head into the pool. This includes having kids know how to swim before they go in the water, never swimming alone, and knowing how to get out of the water if you need help.

You might also want to have a designated area for drinking near the pool so that kids don’t drink pool water or fluids that have been sitting out in the sun all day.

If your child is in a kiddie pool, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them at all times. If you have a larger pool, it’s always best to have someone watching from shore so that they can intervene if need be.

Install Safety Equipment

Some of the most important safety equipment around a swimmingpool is a fence. You should never leave your child unattended near the pool or in the water and make sure they can’t get out of a fenced area. Some other safety equipments worth installing are:

– A pool cover that is heavy enough to stop someone from getting trapped underwater.

– A net to catch swimmers who fall out of the pool.

– An alarm that alerts you when someone has fallen into the water or gotten on top of the cover.

– A first aid kit that has alcohol, bandages, gauze, tape, and scissors.

– Swim lessons for kids (and adults!) to learn how to swim properly and handle emergencies like being pulled down by a strong current or getting stung by a jellyfish.

Supervision Is Key

Supervision is key when it comes to kids and water. With supervision, you can watch for signs of fatigue, overexertion, or dehydration. You can keep them from wandering out of your sight and getting lost in the pool or garden. A good rule of thumb? Adults should always be within arm’s reach of children in or around the water.


The summer months are approaching and so is the time to get your swimming pool ready. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to safety around the pool, but following these guidelines will help you stay safe this summer. 1. Make sure your child is comfortable in the water before going near a pool. 2. Establish rules and expectations for how to stay safe around a pool. 4. Supervision is key.