Opening Up Your Home & Accessing A Healthier Lifestyle

Are you thinking of remodelling your home? Do you and your family spend a lot of time in your garden? Do you want an open place space perfect for entertaining friends? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, please read as I’d like to introduce you to an excellent home improvement that can transform your home. It’s a stylish and modern addition to any property that can flood the home with healthy natural light while improving security and adding value. The superb home improver I’m referring to is bifolding doors, they can replace existing patio doors or a complete exterior wall, normally installed at the rear of a property they create a large entryway between the inside and outside spaces of the home. We’ll investigate in more detail the bifold system and describe the benefits unlocked by choosing to fit this great contemporary addition to any property.

The System Explained

Bifolding doors consist of a series of floor to ceiling glazed, framed panels, when opened the panels slide on a track folding like a concertina as they go, when reaching the far wall, they are secured in place. When in their closed and locked position one of the panels functions as a normally opening and closing door allowing entry or exit, this is referred to as the travel door. Using modern toughened glass in double or triple glazing they can also have internal switchable blinds fitted in between the glazed layers for privacy when required. Manufactured in several materials to suit different budgets they also feature multi-point locking points and modern locking technology to improve home security.

The Different Materials

When the homeowner chooses to buy bifolds the first decision to make is what material they want their doors to be made from, the materials to choose from are as follows –

  • Timber – a natural choice this eco-friendly material is a great insulator but does require more maintenance and might be expensive.
  • Upvc – this a budget friendly option which is low maintenance and energy efficient, it is restrictive in design choices and isn’t environmentally friendly.
  • Aluminium – a superb choice for the modern home, this material is lightweight yet strong and a great all-rounder.
  • Composite – this a modern development which mixes materials to form a superb option, unfortunately it’s also the most expensive.

Bifolding doors are incredibly practical for the modern home, their functional action make the transition from secure family home to a superb indoor/outdoor space great for entertaining quick and easy.

The Benefits of Bifolds

By choosing bifolding doors for your home you are unlocking a range of benefits, some are obvious, other may not have occurred to you, let’s take a look at them now –

  • Increased natural light – improves everyone’s health and well-being.
  • Lower of energy bills – the glazing technology is amazingly energy efficient.
  • Property value – fitting bifolds will increase your home’s value.
  • Enhanced security – assumed to be less secure, bifolds actually improve home security.
  • Low maintenance – bifolds requires very little ongoing maintenance – except window cleaning!!

Bifolding doors are becoming increasingly popular in the modern property, they are a wonderful addition, changing the way a family lives in their home, find your local specialist and look into installing bifolds today.