Roof Repairs – Why You Shouldn’t Walk on Slate Roofs

Many homeowners make the mistake of carrying out repairs and replacements on their own roofs. Getting up on a roof without the right equipment can be a big risk. The only people who should be anywhere near your roof are tradesmen, house painters, and chimney sweeps. There are many problems with going on a slate roof by yourself, this article will discuss some of them.

Safety Concerns

Slate roofing is done on a steep structure and not on a flat surface. Steep pitched roofs are incredibly difficult to navigate, especially when you do not have the right safety equipment. Anything can go wrong on a slate roof, so why risk injuring yourself or evening, losing your life when you could easily get in touch with NSW Slate Roofing and use a skilled contractor. Paying for a roofer is a lot cheaper than paying hospital bills, or even funeral arrangements.

Here are some reasons why you should leave any slate roofing tasks to the professionals:

  • Slippery Surface – Slate tiles look great once they have been fitted to a roof, but they are not that easy to grip when you walk across them. They are very slick, especially when it has been raining or any other type of moisture has made them wet. If you do not wear the right type of footwear, you could easily slip and fall off a slate roof.
  • Delicate Material – Aside from the risk of slipping, slate as a roofing material is delicate. If you do not know how to move around the roof, you could easily damage the tiles. Although it provides longevity, slate roofing should only be touched by professionals who know how to walk across the roof without doing any damage.
  • Weather Conditions – If you have never walked across slate roofing when it is wet, you will be in for a surprise when it comes to grip. Even professional roofers try to avoid going out in challenging weather conditions. If it is urgent, they have the equipment to get the job done safely and effectively. Even sunny days can present difficulties for skilled roofers.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to avoid going anywhere near your slate roof. Yes, you can walk on it, but you are putting yourself at huge risk as it can be a treacherous environment when you are many metres off the ground. Leave it to the professionals and let them take care of this dangerous, specialised work.

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