Signs You Need to Hire a Tree Trimming Services


Every suburban home in the country has a yard with at least one tree growing and providing shade. The tree may be there for aesthetic or functional purposes, and it makes up for a diverse landscape. However, sometimes the growth of the tree may be problematic in more ways than one. In that case, you need to search for “tree service near me” and hire professionals for the job. Let’s check out the signs you need to look out for to hire a tree trimming service.

The Signs

  1. Long branches – When the branches on your tree have grown too long, they will stand out and be very noticeable. That’s when you know it’s time to hire trimming services. The problem would be very obvious if the tree has grown long branches that are hanging down and making it difficult for you to walk under the canopy. Cutting the branches allows you to enjoin the shade of the tree and the tree to redirect its growth in other directions.

Moreover, when branches get too long and get too close to your home, they can scratch the roof and walls of your home or your garage. They can also hang over your car or get too close to power lines. These are all signs of hiring a tree trimming service. If you’re too late, one of those branches may cause expensive damages that may not be fully covered by your insurance. In severe cases, the branches may snap due to a storm and destroy your brand-new car or bring down the roof. Those branches can also become projectiles during a storm.

  1. It looks weird – If you haven’t trimmed your tree in a while, it may have started to look very odd. That’s when you know you need trimming services. Trees that aren’t trimmed for a long time may grow in any direction. If the growth is not lateral in all directions, they may grow upwards or in an arch to take a weird lopsided shape. There may be too many branches on one side and too few on the other.

In such cases, a professional tree trimming service can assess the tree and trim it down in a controlled manner to ensure that the tree grows healthy and branch out uniformly to take a healthy shape. It isn’t limited to shape either. If you see cracks on limbs, you should hire a tree trimming service as soon as possible. Those problems are manageable as long as the tree service professionals take care of them early on. Otherwise, those cracks will invite all kinds of pests and diseases and damage the tree permanently.

  1. Dead branches – Whether it’s a snapped branch or a dead limb, it’s important to get rid of that branch as soon as possible. Be quick to hire a tree trimming service if you notice a broken or dead branch on your tree. Dead branches are a result of diseases. If they are left on their own, the disease may spread to the rest of the tree, and you’ll be forced to ax down the entire tree in the future.

The same holds for broken branches. Broken branches leave an open wound, and the site is vulnerable to all kinds of infectious diseases, microbes, and fungi. If the infection is not controlled, it will affect other parts of the tree soon and lead to its destruction. Moreover, similar to how humans can spread diseases to other humans, your infected tree can spread diseases to other trees and plants growing in your yard.

  1. Light can’t penetrate the tree – Trees provide a lot of shade and some homeowners plant them in their yard just for that purpose. The shade brings cool relief during the hot summer season and can also bring down the energy bill if enough trees are planted around the home strategically. However, even if a tree has thick and lush foliage, it should allow a few rays of light to reach the ground. If you can’t see any light penetrating the canopy, you should hire tree trimming services.

These types of trees need to be thinned out to keep them healthy. Otherwise, an entire section of branches and the leaves attached to them won’t get any sun and proper air circulation. When that happens, the tree would experience stunted growth or even start to die out.  Tree trimming services would be able to assess and figure out where they need to make cuts to allow in lights and air circulation without weakening the tree.

  1. No buds on branches – A healthy and productive tree would have buds growing out of its branches. If you find a branch growing without any buds, it’s time to call a tree trimming service. If there are just one or two branches that are growing without that portion has some problems or sickness. A tree trimming service can carefully remove that brunch so that the tree can save its resources and redirect them to healthier branches that are growing buds and flowers.

On the other hand, a tree that has too many branches without buds shows serious problems. If there are too many branches without buds, it may signify that the tree is reaching the end of its lifespan. It may also signify that the tree is suffering from serious diseases like roots, or its branches have been invaded by insects that are girdling around throughout the tree. Either way, a tree trimming service would be able to assess the tree and give you a way to save the tree or bring it down.


Ideally, you should hire tree trimming and pruning services at least once a year to maintain your tree in optimal condition. This kind of service helps you to preserve the look and health of the tree and also helps you avoid unnecessary problems. The last thing you want is an overgrown tree interfering with power lines and the city slapping you with a hefty fine. You can search for “tree service near me” and hire professionals for the job.

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