Some Steps on How to Install a Screen Door

A screen door is a door composed of fine netting. That is on the outside of the main door or a house. It is used to keep insects out when the main door is wide open. A screen door is a frame covered with mesh, as of plastic, or wire.

There are different varieties of sliding screen doors to suit your particular need. There are so many available in different fabrics and frame colors. Some services can produce and install your new sliding door in the comfort of your home. This offers you the comfort of staying home. All while having your screen designed to fit your doors perfectly. Yet, you can also install it on your own, without the need to hire a professional. As long as you measure the door frame correctly. And get the essential tools, you can install a screen door in no time.

Learn how to install a screen door in some easy steps

  • Step 1
  • Get the swinging screen door out of the packaging.
  • Make sure not to use a knife if you would cut the screen mesh or scratch the frame
  • Use scissors or tin snips where needed
  • Step2

Mounting the Hinged U Channel

  • First, you need to measure the door opening height. In the area where you are going to organize the hinge u channel.
  • Second, cut it to your desired size with a chop that cuts hacksaw or aluminum
  • Lastly, you need to install the U Channel in place exactly inver of the door frame.
  • Step3

The mounting screen door to the U channel

  • You need to carefully slide the screen door into the hinged u channel
  • Adjust to suit in the door frame
  • Install self-tapping screws, using a cordless drill. On the outside and inside of the channel to
  • Step4

Mounting the bottom door sweep u channel

  • First, you need to measure the door width of the screen door. And cut the bottom channel to size.
  • Second, slide the bottom u channel into place. Adjust as needed.
  • Third, you have to install self-tapping screws using a cordless power drill/ driver
  • Step5
  • Attach drill hole method on inside of screen door frame with masking tape.
  • Drill the holes with the appropriate size of the drill bits.
  • Step6

Mounting the Strike Plate

  • First, you have to close the screen door to match the guide. Inside of the door frame.
  • Second, mark the interior holes in the middle of the guide. By drilling the screw in, no greater than ⅛’ deep.
  • Third, mount the strike plate with a cordless drill and screws.
  • Step7

Installing the Latch

  • First, you need to assemble all the needed parts.
  • Second, put machine screw into the inner side of the screen door
  • Third, secure machine screws with a screwdriver, hand tight. To avoid being damaged, screws should not be tightened that much.
  • Fourth, test if the screen door is lined up with the strike plate. If not make adjustments.
  • Step8
  • Link the bracket to the top of the door frame. Assemble the door closer and screw it into the top door frame
  • Please see the video for mounting the door closer. There are several steps and details to view.
  • Test the screen door to ensure the tension works on the door closed and that it closes properly.