All you need to know about a Scott Schedule in the building and construction industry

Those employed or who operate in building and construction will know just what a competitive and sometimes complicated and confusing Australian industry it can be. Trying to acquire contracts so that developments can be constructed safely and efficiently at the best price can make or break a firm. Ensuring that compliance is met is also essential, as those who fail soon find out to their cost.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that all inspections are carried out properly and to the satisfaction of the regulatory authorities, with those in NSW being required to ensure that the NCAT or NSW District & Supreme Court are happy. Sadly, there are sometimes things that can go wrong on a job, which can sometimes lead to a large-scale dispute, which is where Scott Schedules often come into play.

  • A Scott Schedule might sound like someone’s personal planner, but it is in fact a legal document which is used in the resolution of building defect issues. It is an important item in building and construction law, which is essential to possess and is required by the earlier-mentioned bodies so that they can decide on a dispute over a claim.
  • It will be compiled by a member of a professional inspection team, and it contains evidence such as the estimated costs of labour and materials, when contract variations have occurred, or where defective or incomplete work or works completed to a poor standard. This often ends in dispute, so the document is required to assist those appointed to sort it out.
  • A properly laid out Scott Schedule allows those making the judgement to easily focus on the relevant aspects of a dispute to ensure clarity and a quick resolution. The cost of putting the document together depends on how big the claim is and the complexity of it, although it is more likely to save large sums of money compared to an elongated legal dispute. It can sometimes be used to assist an expert witness report.
  • Quite often it entails reporting on technical or complex issues, which is why it is important to employ someone qualified with experience to compile the document. It will encapsulate all claims so that the relevant parties in a dispute understand the situation clearly. Any agreements or disagreements are made simpler so that misunderstandings are avoided and that an amicable solution can be reached, as nobody in the industry wants a bad reputation through something that can be resolved agreeably.
  • Confusion is avoided with the claims and any associated repair costs of both parties being included in the document and allows negotiation to take place without the need for legal proceedings. This saves time, money, and a lot of stress for all concerned, making the document a sound investment, especially when employing the services of a team of inspectors with vast experience in such matters.

Disputes can be sorted through negotiations more easily with a clear understanding of any situation, which is what a Scott Schedule will provide, saving time and money.